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Greg Autry is an expert in entrepreneurship, macroeconomics and space policy.

His research focuses on governmental roles in the emergence of new industries especially within the global commercial space industry.

A space and tech policy expert, Greg Autry is a Clinical Professor of Space Policy and Business at Thunderbird and affiliated with ASU’s Interplanetary Initiative. He is a serial entrepreneur who served at NASA and the FAA.

He has been a notable advocate for space exploration and development, serving as Chair of the Safety Working Group in the FAA Commercial Space Transportation Advisory Committee (COMSTAC), and as vice president of the National Space Society and the Beyond Earth Institute. 

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The fact is that while some of the plans described by Musk, Bezos, and others might seem utopian or hubristic, given the realities of climate change, humanity needs hope. A future that concentrates only on managing apocalypse, without offering the potential for something better, is no future at all.

— Greg Autry, Foreign Policy