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Zachary Holman is an associate professor of electrical engineering whose research focuses on solar cells, coatings, nanotechnology, semiconductors, plasmas and aerosols, all with the goal of improving solar cell efficiency.

Holman’s research group focuses on new materials, processes and device designs for high-efficiency silicon solar cells and silicon-based tandem solar cells. Holman also researches solar cell fabrication processes and new materials, like nanoscale materials, plasma synthesis of powders, and deposition of powders and thin films. He has been named a Moore Inventor Fellow, and is the co-founder of an advanced materials startup company Swift Coat.

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Right now silicon only converts one type of ray from the sun, but the sun has all wave lengths. The challenge now is finding new materials that can increase efficiency in combination with silicon that are cost-effective and stable.

— Zachary Holman, MarketScale