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Gunjan Bagla is an expert in international business management, global supply chain, healthcare technology and manufacturing. Bagla is an Indian-American blogger, businessman, public speaker and author of "Doing Business in 21st Century India." He has written articles on the business industry in India focusing on outsourcing and globalization, some of which have appeared in Harvard Business Review, Dataquest, Bloomberg BusinessWeek and various other international publications.

He is a professor in the the Thunderbird School of Global Management. 

Bagla is also the founder and managing director of Amritt Ventures, a consulting firm based in Malibu, California, and a charter member of The Indus Entrepreneurs.

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When I started my company in 2003, bilateral trade between India and the U.S. was $16 billion. Now it’s $142 billion. That means more executives are flying back and forth hashing out deals face to face.

— Gunjan Bagla, New York Times