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Zachary Kramer is an expert in civil rights, gender equality, real estate, employment law, gay rights and legal education.

Kramer believes the concept of civil rights today is about accommodating difference, and the new targets of discrimination are those who stand out among their peers. Kramer is Associate Dean of Faculty and Professor with the Sandra Day O'Connor of Law. He's also a William H. Pedrick Distinguished Research Scholar and an author of two books.

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Does utopian have to be a negative thing? You’re talking to a guy that has a poster on his office wall that says, “Utopia in our time.” No one can convince me that too much equality is a bad thing. It’s also going to be hard to get me to say that the actual costs of creating equality are too high. We should aim high. We should want law to do whatever it can to make equality a reality.

— Zachary Kramer, ASU Now