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Andrew Maynard is a leading expert in the socially responsible development of emerging and converging technologies.

For over twenty years he has worked closely with experts and thought leaders from around the world on the challenges and opportunities presented by technologies ranging from nanotechnology and synthetic biology to geoengineering and artificial intelligence. Maynard is a former physicist, a professor in the School for the Future of Innovation in Society. He directs of the ASU Risk Innovation Lab, and chairs the ASU Master of Science and Technology Policy program. He writes the blog 2020 Science, and produces the YouTube channel Risk Bites. He is widely published in the academic literature, including in leading journals such as Nature, and is internationally recognized for his work on the risks and benefits of nanotechnology.

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One of the big questions with technologies that go all the way from things like gene editing and CRISPR, through geoengineering the climate or even artificial intelligence, is how do we work out where those future tipping points are, where suddenly we can't predict what's going to happen—and how do we stay clear of them?

— Andrew Maynard, CBC Radio