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Scroll through our list of public health experts at Arizona State University. Click on the experts' names to learn more about their background, recent media articles and how to get in contact with them.

Pope Moseley

College of Health Solutions
Expert in: Heat, Public health, Emergency medical response, Health and risk perception
Media Relations Officer

Matthew Scotch

College of Health Solutions, Biodesign Institute
Expert in: Global health, Health information technology, Informatics, Information systems, Public health, Viruses, Coronavirus, Big data, Data security
Phone: (480) 727-2985
Media Relations Officer

Alexandra Bhatti

College of Health Solutions
Expert in: Health and risk perception, Health care policy, Public health, Public and community health, Biology, Bioethics, Health law, Health information technology, Biotechnology
Media Relations Officer

Matthew Toro

ASU Library
Expert in: Geography, Public health, Digital humanities
Phone: (480) 965-3582
Media Relations Officer
Media Relations / mediarelations@asu.edu

James Hodge

Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law
Expert in: Health law, Public health, Human rights, Coronavirus
Phone: (480) 427-8576
Media Relations Officer
Elena Bras / ebras1@asu.edu

Rolf Halden

Biodesign Institute, Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering, School of Sustainable Engineering and the Built Environment
Expert in: Coronavirus, Public health, Environmental chemistry, Biological treatment processes, Engineering
Phone: (480) 727-0893
Media Relations Officer
Joseph Caspermeyer / joseph.caspermeyer@asu.edu
Phone: (480) 965-4794
Media Relations Officer
Skip Derra / skip.derra@asu.edu

Andrew Maynard

School for the Future of Innovation in Society, Julie Ann Wrigley Global Institute of Sustainability
Expert in: Communication, Technology policy, Science law, Emerging technologies, Nanotechnology, Public health, Science policy, Technology and society, Artificial intelligence
Phone: (480) 727-8831
Media Relations Officer
Media Relations / mediarelations@asu.edu