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Lewis Center legislative hearing — ASU additional details

July 21, 2023

Members of the Joint Legislative Ad Hoc Committee on Freedom of Expression at Arizona’s Public Universities:

Thank you for providing Arizona State University with the opportunity to present and testify before the committee. My colleagues and I did our best to answer your questions, but as you know there were some instances when we committed to follow up with you and to provide more detail. This letter is intended to do that and provide some additional clarification about comments made during the committee hearing.

1. Tom Lewis – Michael Crow communication

Freedom of Speech at Arizona State University

July 14, 2023

Arizona State University is committed, in practice, not just rhetoric, to all things that support free speech and all its components. 

American universities have long been an environment where ideas are shared and tested, beliefs are expressed, and issues are debated. Along with that comes arguments and disagreements over strongly held beliefs. It can be quite noisy and sometimes uncomfortable, but in a free society, universities must be safe places that demonstrate tolerance for civil public discourse.

ASU statement regarding SCOTUS Affirmative Action ruling

June 29, 2023

The U.S. Supreme Court’s decisions in Students for Fair Admissions, Inc. v. President & Fellows of Harvard and Students for Fair Admissions, Inc. v. University of North Carolina will have no impact on the diversity of the Arizona State University student body or ASU’s commitment to having a student body which reflects the population of the State of Arizona. Because ASU admits all students who meet the university’s admission requirements and does not artificially cap enrollment for students from Arizona, ASU will continue to have one of the most diverse student bodies in the country.

Lewis Center and Freedom of Speech at Arizona State University

June 20, 2023

Arizona State University is committed to, in practice, not just rhetoric, all things that support free speech and all of its components.

ASU employee Ann Atkinson has lost the distinction between feelings and fact in her recent comments about what prompted her loss of employment at the T.W. Lewis Center at Arizona State University.

Threat to ASU campus is a hoax

March 16, 2023

A threat posted last night on social media has been thoroughly investigated and is a hoax. Multiple reports of the same threat were made and it may have originated overseas. As always, ASUPD will alert the community if a credible danger is present. 

ASU PD campus incident

December 1, 2022

At approximately 1:30 a.m. the ASU Police Department received a report of a suspect with a gun at the intersection of McAllister and Lemon. Officers responded immediately to the scene, and community members in the area were told to shelter in place. As officers arrived, the suspect fired multiple shots before fleeing, but was quickly apprehended. No injuries have been reported. A male suspect is in custody, and a gun has been recovered. The suspect is not affiliated with ASU.

Free speech on Arizona State University campus

April 11, 2022

As a public university, ASU adheres to the First Amendment and strives to ensure the fullest degree of intellectual freedom and free expression. All individuals and groups on campus have the right to express their opinions, whatever those opinions may be, as long as they do not violate the student code of conduct, student organization policies, and do not infringe on another student’s individual rights. University staff, including ASU Police, are here to support and promote a safe environment where the free exchange of ideas can take place.

Tip from student leads to recovery of explosive materials

March 1, 2022

The ASU Police Department received information on Feb. 28 from a concerned student that another student might be building explosives in his Palo Verde East residence hall. ASUPD officers responded quickly to the scene and evacuated the fifth floor as a precaution. Officers found materials used in the development of explosives, and soon after took Logan Reynolds into custody.

The U.S. Senate confirms ASU professor Maria Rosario Jackson as the 13th chair of the National Endowment for the Arts

December 20, 2021

Maria Rosario Jackson is a tenured Institute Professor in ASU’s Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts and holds an appointment in the Watts College of Public Service and Community Solutions. For more than 25 years, Maria Rosario Jackson’s work has focused on understanding and elevating arts, culture, and design as critical elements of healthy communities. Jackson is the first African American and Mexican American to lead the National Endowment for the Arts. 

Arrest Made in Connection to Criminal Damage at Hayden Library

December 10, 2021

ASU Police officers have made an arrest in connection to the reported criminal damage in the Hayden Library interfaith reflection rooms. Wesley Waggoner was arrested at approximately 8 p.m. Thursday evening after he was reported by Hayden Library staff for causing additional damage to library property. ASU Police officers were able to connect Waggoner to the crimes reported on Wednesday after reviewing surveillance footage from the area.