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ASU ranks #1 in the PAC-12 for student athletic success

June 15, 2022

The NCAA announced today that Arizona State University recorded a record-breaking multiyear Academic Progress Rate (APR) average of 995 over a four-year period (2017-18 to 2020-21), which is an all-time ASU high and the university’s first time leading the conference, ahead of Stanford.

ASU's single-year APR score for 2020-21 of 994 is the highest score in Arizona State history. The NCAA tracks the Academic Progress Rate of universities, and this has been a priority for ASU over recent years after being ranked low in the then Pac-10.

“Our aspiration has always been to build a comprehensive approach that balances and nurtures ASU student success in the classroom and in competition,” said ASU President Dr. Michael Crow.

“This historic APR reflects our unwavering commitment to that vision, and the tremendous dedication and talent of our student-athletes, faculty and staff whose work made it possible.”

The announcement is the culmination of a relentless push for performance in the classroom, as well as in competition. ASU intentionally designed university athletics to support student academic and athletic progress. The announcement also means big gains for women’s sports.

For single year (2020-21) APR scores, 17 of the 23 sports at Arizona State earned a perfect 1000, including 11 of the 13 women's teams. The Sun Devils also had impressive multiyear APR numbers, with 10 teams earning a perfect score.

Four teams reached all-time multiyear APR highs for their program: football (983), men’s track and field (989), wrestling (1000) and lacrosse (993). There are nine teams who continued streaks of perfect multiyear scores. Men’s golf currently has the longest streak with eight in a row, followed by women’s golf and gymnastics, with six in a row.

Within the Pac-12, 10 teams were in first place for their APR multiyear averages: men's basketball, women’s basketball, beach volleyball, men’s golf, women’s golf, gymnastics, softball, women’s swimming and diving, men’s tennis, and wrestling.

"This is the accumulation of years of tremendous work by our team of student-athletes, coaches, staff and the leadership of the Office of Student-Athlete Development," Vice President for University Athletics Ray Anderson said. "The continuous high academic performance of our student-athletes reflects our commitment to a culture of both academic and athletic excellence."

"We are unrelenting in our commitment to providing a culture and resources that allow our student-athletes to achieve their fullest potential academically," added Deputy Associate Athletic Director and Chief of Staff Jean Boyd. "Our mission is to achieve the highest level of
championship caliber performance in sport and in developing leaders in life. Our APR results announced today are evidence of our tremendous progress."

Since the beginning of APR measurement in 2003-04, ASU's average for all sports has increased from 937.

APR tracks the academic progress of each student-athlete, including eligibility, retention, and graduation in the calculation, and provides a clear picture of the current academic culture for each sport as well as department-wide. In 2014, the NCAA Board of Directors implemented a cut score of 930, below which teams will be penalized with loss of postseason competition.