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Sophia Murphy is an expert in the relationship between health, nutrition, physical activity and depression.

Her work and research is rooted in navigating behavioral issues related to culture, race, sexuality, gender, and interpersonal dynamics. Murphy uses her advanced training in collaborative care and population-based health management to provide behavioral health services tailored to patients living with chronic illnesses. 

She is a faculty associate in the College of Health Solutions.

Murphy is a certified personal trainer and a licensed professional counselor with her own behavioral health clinic, Healthy Synergy, located in Tempe, Arizona.

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It’s challenging to bring together behavioral and primary health. We are developing programming that spreads integration to other sites. Right now we’re in this phase of collecting data and outcomes to show what we’re doing is working. The next phase is being able to walk the walk and talk the talk so we can work with other disciplines and show that when we do come together, our patients are healthier and happier.

— Sophia Murphy, ASU News