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Family therapy

Scroll through our list of family therapy experts at Arizona State University. Click on the experts' names to learn more about their background, recent media articles and how to get in contact with them.

Vincent Waldron

School of Social and Behavioral Sciences, New College of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences
Expert in: Family development, Communication, Community development, Speech, Family therapy, Human resources, Work relationships, Workforce development
Phone: (602) 543-6634
Media Relations Officer
Media Relations / mediarelations@asu.edu

Sophia Murphy

College of Health Solutions
Expert in: Marriage therapy, Nutrition, Depression, Physiology, Rehabilitation, Sexuality, Gender studies, Counseling, Family therapy, Behavioral health, Race relations
Media Relations Officer

CR Macchi

College of Health Solutions
Expert in: Marriage therapy, Family therapy, Mental health, Health and risk perception, Family development
Phone: (602) 496-1355
Media Relations Officer