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Simon Holzapfel works with stroke survivors as well as people with down syndrome and autism spectrum disorder (ASD) to develop healthy habits. Holzapfel tests exercise interventions to improve cognitive and motor function through cycling, continuous music cues, and coaching. His work spans the fundamentals for wellness and exercise prescription, promoting positive behavioral choices to improve neuromuscular abilities.

He is a clinical assistant professor for the College of Health Solutions and is the founder and director for the Exercise Program for Adults with Down Syndrome.

Holzapfel has worked as a consultant for Endurance Rehab and has written for Pearson Education, and collaborated with the American College of Sports Medicine.

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I hope to make a little dent in terms of making society more inclusive of people with disabilities, and shaping students into more-inclusive fitness professionals when they go out and start working.

— Simon Holzapfel, ASU Now