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Matthew Toro

Matthew Toro is a broadly trained geographer currently serving as the director of maps, imagery, and geospatial services at ASU Library. He leads projects and programming at the Map and Geospatial Hub, ASU's library-based center for GIS, remote sensing, geovisualization, and the related technologies needed to transform geospatial data into powerful, value-added information. The ASU Library Map and Geospatial Hub supports and leads a wide variety of applied mapping and spatial analysis projects. Through the Hub, Matthew's working on two major research initiatives. One being the assessment of metropolitan Phoenix's built environments and its relationship to the mobility and safety of pedestrians and cyclists. The other being the construction of a cartographic history of the greater Grand Canyon region.

Matt's produced insights on subjects ranging from land use conflicts in the agrarian landscapes of southern Laos, to the social impacts of the built environment in greater Miami. 

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