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Dr. Karen Anderson is a cancer researcher studying how the human immune system can be harnessed to better detect, alter and treat female-specific cancers. Anderson actively recruits new patients and conducts cancer clinical trials. Her research uses personalized medicine approaches that help guide better treatment decisions, new therapies to reduce cancer relapse, and cancer vaccines and blood-based diagnostics (so-called liquid biopsies) for the early detection and prevention of cancer.

Karen Anderson is both an ASU professor and medical oncologist and an associate professor of medicine at Mayo Clinic Arizona. Anderson is board certified in internal medicine and medical oncology. Anderson serves as committee co-chair of the National Cancer Institute’s Early Detection Research Network Breast/Gyn Cancers Collaborative Group and is a member of NCI’s Cancer Biomarkers Study Section and the American Association for Cancer Research and the American Society of Clinical Oncology.  

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We can identify the changes in cancer cells.We can develop vaccines and T-cell immune therapies to try and target the very changes that are happening within those tumors. From leukemias to breast cancers, we're just harnessig what was there all along.