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Scroll through our list of diagnostics experts at Arizona State University. Click on the experts' names to learn more about their background, recent media articles and how to get in contact with them.

Frank LoVecchio

College of Health Solutions
Expert in: Bacteria, Biomedicine, Diabetes, Diagnostics, Health disparities, Medical devices, Vaccination, Global health
Media Relations Officer

Mara Aspinall

College of Health Solutions
Expert in: Biomedicine, Diagnostics, Disease spread, Medical devices, Infectious diseases, Coronavirus
Phone: (520) 848-7444
Media Relations Officer

Karen Anderson

Biodesign Institute, School of Life Sciences
Expert in: Cancer, Immunology, Diagnostics, Drugs and therapeutics, Breast cancer, Immunotherapy
Phone: (480) 965-6982
Media Relations Officer
Steve Filmer / Stephen.Filmer@asu.edu