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Judy Krysik is an expert in the prevention of child maltreatment among infants and toddlers, the efficacy of specialized court programs for children and families, and the practice of child protective services. Krysik is an associate professor and Director of the Center for Child Well-Being in the School of Social Work. In addition to research and evaluation, ASU's Center for Child Well-Being develops high-quality, customized training resources and hosts the National Children of Incarcerated Parents annual conference. 

Krysik is the recipient of the 2019 Council on Social Work Education Award for Innovative Teaching in Social Work, and in 2017 was named Fellow of the Society for Social Work and Research. She serves on the boards of the African Institute of Child Studies and Missing Child Kenya, with headquarters in Nairobi; the National Association of Social Workers Ethics Committee; and the Children's Museum of Phoenix. 

Krysik is also the author of Research for Effective Social Work Practice, now in its 4th edition.

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Sometimes they'll tell the child that the parent has a job at the prison. And a lot of times the child knows they're not being told the truth and that creates an even bigger sense of shame around the issue.

— Judy Krysik, ASU Now