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Family development

CR Macchi

College of Health Solutions
Expert in: Marriage therapy, Family therapy, Mental health, Health and risk perception, Family development
Phone: (602) 496-1355
Media Relations Officer
Robin Tricoles / Robin.Tricoles@asu.edu

Judy Krysik

School of Social Work, Watts College of Public Service and Community Solutions, Center for Child Well-Being
Expert in: Child development, Family development, Child abuse, Incarceration, Social work
Phone: (602) 496-0086
Media Relations Officer
Nikai Salcido / nikai.salcido@asu.edu

Emir Estrada

School of Human Evolution and Social Change, School of Social Transformation, School of Transborder Studies
Expert in: Anthropology, Family development, Entrepreneurship
Media Relations Officer
Joseph Caspermeyer / Joseph.Caspermeyer@asu.edu