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Joshua Garland is an expert in information warfare, counterspeech, complex systems, and artificial intelligence.Garland brings over a decade of expertise in tackling some of the most pressing challenges in complex adaptive systems across climate, ecology, and global politics.

Garland is the interim director of the Center on Narrative, Disinformation and Strategic Influence, which is housed in the Global Security Initiative. He is also an associate research professor at the Center on Narrative, Disinformation and Strategic Influence and affiliated faculty with the Center for the Study of Religion and Conflict.

At NDSI, Garland leads research on information warfare and its effects on human social dynamics. Integrating social theory, time series analysis, and machine learning to understand the role of global narratives, the mechanics of information warfare, and formulating strategies to protect democracy while preserving civil liberties. Garland's insights are vital for decoding the intersection of narratives, technology and misinformation in the digital era.

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The Holy Grail of disinformation research is to not only detect manipulation, but also intent. It’s at the heart of a lot of national security questions.

β€” Joshua Garland, ASU News