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Joris Van Ouytsel

Joris Van Ouytsel is an expert in digital culture, social media and interpersonal relationships.

He is an assistant professor in the Hugh Downs School of Human Communication and a senior global futures scientist within the Julie Ann Wrigley Global Futures Laboratory.

Professor Van Ouytsel's research focuses on the intersection of interpersonal and health communication such as finding the relationship between digital media and its influence over interpersonal relationships. His research on risky and violent behaviors in the digital space, including sexting and cyber dating abuse, has garnered international media attention and various accolades.

Van Ouytsel has received several awards for his research from the National Communication Association (NCA), International Association for Relationship Research (IARR), and the University of Antwerp.

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As a researcher who specializes in how teens operate in online environments, I know that spying on your children’s keystrokes and web browsers isn’t the only or even the best parental practice to employ and may create problems of its own.

— Joris Van Ouytsel, The Conversation