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James Blasingame is a prominent authority on young adult literature, Indigenous education, secondary writing instruction, preparing pre-service teachers, and cowboy poetry.

Blasingame is the author or coauthor of several textbooks for secondary education teachers, including the number one book in the field, "Literature for Today's Young Adults,” now in its 9th edition. He has also published several in-depth volumes on popular YA lit authors—including John Green, Stephenie Meyer, and Gary Paulsen—more than 60 interviews with poets and authors, and over 100 book reviews in leading journals.

He is also an expert in cowboy poetry, frequently performing and presenting information about its roots and aesthetics for audiences around the world.

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A book makes a statement about life and it is the reader’s role to decide is this a true statement. Does this help me to understand my life and the world?

— James Blasingame, KJZZ


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