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Frank Lovecchio is an expert in emergency medicine and medical toxicology. He has been an emergency medicine physician, medical toxicologist, and addiction specialist for over two decades. He is board-certified in Addiction Medicine, Medical Toxicology, Medical Forensics and Emergency Medicine. He has served as Vice-Chair and Director of Research for the MIHS and the University of Arizona Department of Emergency Medicine.

LoVecchio is researching drug development, drugs of abuse, COVID-19, infectious diseases and environmental illness.

He is the Medical Director of Clinical Research at the College of Health Solutions. He's also the Principal Investigator for the Infectious Disease Network (IDNet) studies, a group of Emergency Departments funded by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) to conduct Infectious Disease trials.

Lovecchio has organized and participated in multiple international medical missions and has been honored locally and nationally as a Health Care Hero.

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