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Dragan Boscovic

Dragan Boscovic is an expert in machine learning, cognitive networks and symbiotic relations.

He is the director of ASU’s Blockchain Research Lab and is the technical director of ASU’s Center for Assured and Scalable Data Engineering.

Boscovic, a research professor in the School of Computer Information and Decision Systems Engineering, has experience in numerical electromagnetics, wireless systems and IP networks, hardware and software architectures, blockchain data structures and data analytics.

He the CEO of VizLore, LLC, an information technology and services company focusing on smart cities, smart energy/grid and smart health applications. He served as a Motorola research director for nearly 20 years. A Motorola research director for nearly 20 years, Boscovic has amassed 22 patents and published papers on diverse topics, such as data analytics for mobile services, consumer-centric mHealth and eHealth solutions and autonomic information and communications technology networks.

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The vulnerability of a digital currency is based on demand, and it is not open to influence by additional supply. A government can bootstrap an economy by introducing a new supply of traditional currency to influence borrowing. That can’t happen with cryptocurrency.

— Dragan Boscovic, Bitcoinist