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Scroll through our list of big data experts at Arizona State University. Click on the experts' names to learn more about their background, recent media articles and how to get in contact with them.

Shawn Walker

School of Social and Behavioral Sciences
Expert in: Activism, Social media, Decision-making, Big data, Informatics, Data analytics, Computational engineering
Phone: (602) 543-6932
Media Relations Officer
Media Relations / mediarelations@asu.edu

Katina Michael

Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering, School for the Future of Innovation in Society, School of Computing and Augmented Intelligence
Expert in: Emerging technologies, Technology policy, Privacy issues, Cybersecurity, Human-computer Interaction, Cyber policy, Big data, Digital media, Human rights, Information systems, Engineering, National security, Artificial intelligence
Phone: (480) 965-6316
Media Relations Officer
Gary Werner / gary.werner@asu.edu

Jnaneshwar Das

School of Earth and Space Exploration, Center for Global Discovery and Conservation Science
Expert in: Machine learning, Information systems, Algorithms, Data analytics, Computation, Big data, Oceanography
Media Relations Officer
Steve Filmer / Stephen.Filmer@asu.edu

Matthew Scotch

College of Health Solutions, Biodesign Institute
Expert in: Global health, Health information technology, Informatics, Information systems, Public health, Viruses, Coronavirus, Big data, Data security
Phone: (480) 727-2985
Media Relations Officer

John Rome

Enterprise Technology
Expert in: Information systems, Data security, Cyber policy, Big data
Phone: (480) 965-0857
Media Relations Officer
Nikai Salcido / nikai.salcido@asu.edu

Patrick Lynch

Thunderbird School of Global Management
Expert in: Leadership, Data analytics, Social media, Big data, Entrepreneurship, Marketing
Phone: (602) 496-7077
Media Relations Officer

Mark Esposito

Thunderbird School of Global Management
Expert in: Artificial intelligence, Technology and society, Big data, Autonomous vehicles, Business, Entrepreneurship and technology transfer, Machine learning, Machine interfaces, Techno-human condition, Emerging technologies, Fourth Industrial Revolution, Competitiveness, Economic strategy
Media Relations Officer

Judd Bowman

School of Earth and Space Exploration, Cosmology Initiative
Expert in: Physics, Data analytics, Engineering education, Astrophysics, Big data, Science education
Phone: (480) 965-8880
Media Relations Officer
Steve Filmer / Stephen.Filmer@asu.edu

Tim Richards

W. P. Carey School of Business, Morrison School of Agribusiness, Julie Ann Wrigley Global Institute of Sustainability
Expert in: Agribusiness, Sustainable food systems, Management, Data analytics, Big data, Food marketing, Food retail, Food pricing strategy, Consumer demand, Consumer behavior
Phone: (480) 727-1488
Media Relations Officer
Elena Bras / ebras1@asu.edu