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Update on Palo Verde East fire

August 24, 2023

There was a fire this morning in a storage space on the first floor of Arizona State University’s Palo Verde East residence hall on the Tempe campus.  There were no injuries and damage is minimal, but not without consequence. Power at the building has been shut off and that will be the condition for the near term while water damage in the basement and on the first and second floors is assessed along with the electrical system for the building.  This work is underway. 

The approximately 320 students who live in Palo Verde East will be provided temporary housing beginning today; they will have the opportunity to retrieve belongings and are being asked to report to Desert Financial Arena to learn about their accommodations and are being asked to prepare for the potential to be displaced through the weekend.  

We will provide further information as soon as it is available. 

Veronica Sanchez

Director, Media Relations
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