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Standing up to anti-Semitism

September 4, 2020

Arizona State University has a long history of opposing anti-Semitic rhetoric and acts of intimidation whether they occur on our campuses, or in the community. The university has been very clear about this position, as President Michael Crow has shared repeatedly. In just the past year, the university and President Crow have shared the following communications on this subject.  ASU staff, including the campus police, is here to support students and promote a safe environment where diversity is embraced and the free exchange of ideas is nurtured and encouraged. Read more: 

University statement, August 2020: 

"This was brought to the university’s attention Sunday morning. The flyers were removed immediately after the university was notified. ASU Police was made aware of it, and they helped remove them. Ensuring the safety and security of our students is a top priority, and the university undertakes extensive efforts to ensure student safety is not compromised.  ASU is a community that values diversity, tolerance, respect and inclusion. We support open debate and honest disagreements and we reject and will not accept antisemitism or hateful rhetoric of any kind,  ASU is investigating this incident." 

ASU President Michael Crow, November 2019:

Read full statement: https://president.asu.edu/statements/statement-from-asu-president-michael-m-crow-on-free-speech-civil-discourse-and-student

 ASU President Michael Crow, September 2019:

"Sometimes ASU, like other universities, has experienced strange notes from strange people who are not a part of the ASU community being posted around campus. At ASU, we see them for what they are: The rantings of unhinged hate-mongers bent on disrupting the lives of people who are moving forward into a future that these Cro-Magnons fear."