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Tirupalavanam Ganesh

Tirupalavanam Ganesh's initiatives help students develop their engineering identity in ways that allow them to be successful in STEM-related careers.

He also leads engineering education outreach for middle and high school students and teaches a course that provides K-12 teachers with tools to introduce hands-on engineering projects in the classroom.

Ganesh is Tooker Professor of engineering education, and associate research professor in the School for Engineering of Matter, Transport and Energy. He is principal investigator of the National Science Foundation-sponsored project, Learning through Engineering Design and Practice, aimed at designing, implementing and studying the impact of engineering education.

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Inclusion and access are the two hallmarks of what ASU does. We pride ourselves on how many students we include and how we help them be successful with high-quality education. But it’s not enough to include them, we also have to help them become successful. This is a small investment to test out these ideas on how we can build supportive networks and resources.

— Tirupalavanam Ganesh, ASU Now