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Rhett Larson’s research focuses on the impact of technological innovation on water rights regimes, particularly transboundary waters, and the sustainability implications of a human right to water.

He works on dispute resolution and improved processes in water rights adjudications in Arizona and the Colorado River Basin.

Larson is a Professor of Law and the Richard Morrison Professor of Water Law at the Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law. 

Professor Larson also practiced environmental and natural resource law with law firms in Arizona, focusing on water rights, water quality, and real estate transactions.

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If we were to pick any problem on Earth to invest our time and energy into fixing, looking for the most impact in as many areas of our lives as possible, if we would just focus on water security — helping every person have enough clean water at acceptable costs and risks — that would go further in solving more problems than any other intervention we could have.

— Rhett Larson, ASU News