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Nathan Johnson is an expert in energy innovations, sustainability, micro grids and off-grid solutions.

His 20-person research team takes energy innovations from concept to construction with a focus on distributed energy resources, smart networks, microgrid controls, and off-grid solutions. Johnson manages a one-acre microgrid test bed to combine simulation-based design with hands-on fabrication and testing to create next-generation solutions to current market needs. 

Johnson is an assistant professor at ASU's Polytechnic campus. He is also the director of the Laboratory for Energy and Power Solutions (LEAPS). 

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The transition to a low-carbon, sustainable energy system, and evolution to a zero-carbon future, will require ultra-low-cost storage manufactured from environmentally benign materials that are stable for long durations without degradation and energy loss and are recyclable and circular. TEXEL's storage technology provides an emerging solution, which not only stores energy but can provide both electrical and thermal output.

— Nathan Johnson, Energy Digital