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Megha Budruk is a natural resource social scientist whose work focuses on natural resource management and community development.

Budruk's studies human-nature relationships, visitor experience and impact management, and community development within the context of parks, protected areas, and cultural monuments. She has done extensive research on national, state, county and Navajo Nation parks and how visitors interact with nature and their perceptions on overcrowding. As an associate professor in the School of Community Resources and Development, she regularly teaches courses on Sustainable Communities, Wilderness and Parks in America, and Theoretical Perspectives in Community Studies.

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When you think about the Grand Canyon, there's so much to it. There's something for geologists, there's something for artists, something for historians, the tourists. The park is physical but the meanings we ascribe to it allow people to connect to it in different ways.

— Megha Budruk, ASU Now