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Mahmud Farooque

Mahmud Farooque is an expert in innovation systems, research management, science policy, energy policy, public policy and political entrepreneurship.

Farooque has led large-scale public participation projects on biodiversity, climate change and energy sustainability to support policy and decision-making on a national level. His work with ASU's Washington Center focuses on connecting science policies to political and societal outcomes. He has worked on at least 15 research projects related to science and technology policy at the government level.

Farooque is a clinical associate professor at the School for the Future of Innovation in Society and co-leads the Consortium for Science, Policy and Outcomes.

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“We are trying to move from what is called ‘input-output science policy,’ meaning how much money and postdocs or papers are published, versus what kind of real impact are we having in society for which we’re making this public investment?”

— Mahmud Farooque, ASU News