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Lev Gonick is an educator, technologist, and smart city architect, he has been teaching, working, and living on the Net for more than 25 years.As Enterprise Chief Information Officer at Arizona State University, his research interests include Social Networking and Network Economy, City as an Operating System, Political Economy and Information Technology.

Gonick's expertise is exemplified in his work as CEO of DigitalC, an award-winning non-profit organization enabling innovation, collaboration, and productivity through next-generation broadband networks, big open data solutions, and IoT for public benefit.

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For us at ASU, our core business is student success. We certainly think about the work that we’re doing here at ASU as an enterprise-wide venture, beginning with leveraging the use of generative AI - among many other AI technologies - to support student success. That’s the foundation of our commitment.

— Lev Gonick, Forbes