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Leah Gerber researches marine conservation ecology, and environmental leadership and communication. Gerber’s research, teaching, and leadership advance the integration of science in decision processes to achieve sustainable biodiversity outcomes. As one of the world’s leading conservation scientists, Gerber frequently serves on globally significant bodies charting the future course of conservation.

She is a professor in the School of Life Sciences and the founding director of the Center for Biodiversity Outcomes.

Gerber is a recognized media source on global change and biodiversity and has been interviewed by The Economist, POLITICO, Time and other reputable media publications.

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We need a global body with scientific heft and enforcement teeth both to spotlight drivers of the zoonotic leaps of disease and to lead a sustained fight against those drivers. This body should carry out the dual missions of reducing the global trade in wildlife and conserving the habitat and biodiversity that helps protect against zoonotic jumping.

— Leah Gerber, ASU Now