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Michelle Shiota studies the psychophysiology of emotions within the brain. She explores the way attention to thoughts alter feelings as well as how people express their feelings to each other. Her lab is interested in the mechanisms that develop the first impressions that formed the nature of the relationships.

Her lab specializes in differentiating between aspects of positive emotions and is exploring the unique manner in which awe affects the brain.

She is an associate professor for the Department of Psychology.

Shiota is collaborating with the NIH Behavioral Processes. She is a consulting editor for the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology and is an executive committee member for the Society for Affective Science.

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At a minimum, we've all lost anticipated joys, such as celebrations, trips, time with loved ones who live far away. And too many people have lost people to COVID or have had other deaths of loved ones that they can't mourn as we usually would, with other people. Most of us are at least more isolated from friends and family than we would usually be. All of this takes a toll on mental health.

— Lani Shiota, 12 News