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Kevin Sandler is an associate professor in the Film and Media Studies Program. He specializes in the contemporary U. S. media business, with a particular focus on censorship and animation. He is the author of The Naked Truth: Why Hollywood Doesn't Make X-Rated Movies (Rutgers University Press, 2007), the co-editor of Titanic: Anatomy of a Blockbuster (Rutgers, 1999), and editor of Reading the Rabbit: Explorations in Warner Bros. Animation (Rutgers 1998). He also has published in several anthologies, journals, and public facing outlets including Cinema JournalAnimation Journal, and Slate.

His upcoming books are Scooby-Doo, Where Are You! (Duke University Press) and Hanna and Barbera: Conversations (University Press of Mississippi, 2023).  

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To understand American mass media, you have to first and foremost approach it as a product and understand that the interaction between executives, artists, agents is really all about making the numbers work.

— Kevin Sandler, ASU Now


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