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Kevin Langergraber is an expert in animal behavior, evolutionary and population genetics, and conservation biology.

Langergraber has studied the behavioral and molecular ecology for a group of Chimpanzees in Kibale National Park, Uganda, since 2001. His research combines long-term behavioral observations and demographic data with genetic data to answer questions about the evolution of chimpanzees and humans. 

Langergraber is an associate professor at the School of Human Evolution and Social Change, research affiliate for the Institute of Human Origins and has co-authored 30 peer-reviewed journal articles.

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That makes them very difficult to study. Just now chimpanzee researchers have been out there long enough to really document the whole lifespans of chimpanzees. In particular one of the things we’re interested in in evolutionary biology is what determines which individuals are reproductively successful. Things like that are important stuff that’s coming up now and in the future.

— Kevin Langergraber, ASU News