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Julia Himberg’s research dives into digital media, gender issues and culture diversity.

Himberg directs the film and media studies program in the Department of English, where she is an associate professor. She is also the associate online editor of the Journal for Cinema and Media Studies, the flagship journal for the Society of Cinema Media Studies. She is the author of "The New Gay For Pay: The Sexual Politics of American Television Production," which examines the production stories behind explicitly LGBT narratives and characters, studying how industry workers negotiate processes of TV development, production, marketing, and distribution.

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You have to remember that only six years before that, Ellen DeGeneres had come out on national television and was at the time the first, openly gay prime-time protagonist of a show on television. 'Will and Grace' followed and became very popular. ['Queer Eye'] was the first show to feature this ensemble cast of gay men who were in the service of facilitating heterosexual romance.

— Julia Himberg, KPCC