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Joni Adamson researches global thinking on the climate, Indigenous scientific literacies, and the rights of nature.

Adamson is a President’s Professor who directs ASU’s environmental humanities certificate and teaches courses exploring environmental literature and film, environmental justice, cultures, ethnobotany and foodways of the Sonoran and Chiricauhan deserts, and global indigenous oral and written literatures.

She is a 2019 National Humanities Center Fellow and convener of the North American Observatory, an international hub of the Humanities for the Environment network.

Adamson is editor of a Cambridge University Press series on sustainability and society and serves on editorial boards of her field's leading journals. She is the author or editor of seven books and journal special issues and her work has been widely cited in dozens of languages and reprinted in “introductions to ecocriticism” textbooks.

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Humanists have been studying human behavior, motivation, and desires for years. Through our work, we want to move towards more plausible, desirable, and livable futures. Managing social transformations and environmental challenges is not only about technical solutions; it is also about imagining creative alternatives.

— Joni Adamson, ASU Impact Magazine