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Jesenia Pizarro-Terrill

  • School of Criminology and Criminal Justice

Jesenia Pizarro-Terrill studies situational factors around gun violence, specifically, what combination of circumstances might lead to or avoid a shooting, such as weapon selection.

As an associate professor in the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice, her research focuses on the importance of understanding the situational factors that result in violence. In doing this, she examines violence and homicide through the lens of theories of crime, and how various contextual factors come together in time and place to result in a homicide. While her research focus centers on violence, she also studies the politics of punishment. With a surge in funding for gun violence studies, she is helping to set the national agenda on research into pediatric firearm injury and death.

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As a criminologist and social scientist, you always want to do something that will matter and save lives. This is a public health crisis and it makes no sense in a country like ours that children are dying because of this.

— Jesenia Pizarro-Terrill, ASU Now