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Ben Amor is an assistant professor of computer science and engineering and principal investigator of ASU’s Interactive Robotics Laboratory.

His research team develops machine learning techniques that allow robots to interact with objects and humans in their environment. Ben Amor’s methods have been applied. Ben Amor’s research in industrial settings focuses on improving the safety of human-robot interaction. His work with basketball throwing and catching robots has contributed to principles in machine learning. He received a 2018 National Science Foundation CAREER Award to generate and deploy assistive robotic technologies that blend with the actions of a human partner to achieve an intended function while minimizing biomechanical stress.

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In order to create these machines and algorithms that adapt to a human, we first need to understand more about humans. That grey zone there in the middle, between understanding a human and creating products and algorithms for humans, that’s the interesting zone. That’s what we have to think about at the moment.

— Heni Ben Amor, ASU Now