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Floris Wardenaar's work focuses on how to optimize hydration in athletes, maintain fluids in hot environments, new feeding concepts for athletes, dietary supplements and sports nutrition products, and dietary assessment in athletes.

He is an assistant professor of sports nutrition in the College of Health Solutions and serves as a sports nutrition advisor to Sun Devil Athletics. Wardenaar was born in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, where from a young age he competed in cycling at an elite level, leading him to develop an interest in performance nutrition.

He recieved his PhD from Wageningen University, The Netherlands, where he studied dietary intake and nutritional supplemental use by elite Dutch athletes. He served as sports dietician to the Dutch Olympic Committee, and later led the nutrition team at the Olympic Training Center in The Netherlands.

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If we can show what the impact is of the heat on fluid balance and as well, show how our athletes deal with it at the moment, we can come up with even better approaches to help them perform better and also guard their safety.

— Floris Wardenaar, ABC 15