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Elizabeth Anthony

Elizabeth Anthony is an expert in behavioral health services, social work issues and school discipline. She is particularly interested in the well-being of low income children and the tools to improve assessment and preventive intervention practices. Her areas of expertise include resilience among children and adolescents exposed to environmental stressors, prevention of behavioral health concerns and the measurement of well-being among children to support families. 

Anthony is an associate professor in the School of Social Work. She is also a faculty affiliate with the Center for Child Well-Being and the Southwest Interdisciplinary Research Center. 

Her recent scholarship challenges the paradigms of individual resilience that perpetuate systemic oppression.

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The underlying causes of violence in schools are not addressed with stricter rules and armed guards. By using such a punitive approach, we are setting up youth who are still developing to be viewed as criminals, and far worse, to view themselves as criminals rather than young people who have the opportunity to learn.

— Elizabeth Anthony, ASU Now