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Edward Maguire is an expert on policing and violence. His research involves the application of criminology to the study of crime and justice issues in the developing world. His recent research has focused on procedural justice and legitimacy, police response to protests, gangs and gang violence, officer safety and wellness, and evaluating the impact of violent crime control initiatives.

Maguire is a professor of criminology and criminal justice, where he also serves as an associate director of the Center for Violence Prevention and Community Safety. 

He has also written and edited five books and more than 90 journal articles and book chapters on various themes related to policing, violence, gangs, research methodology, and comparative criminology. 

His most recent work includes "Transforming the Police: Thirteen Key Reforms," which he co-edited with his ASU criminology colleagues. The book offer fresh, research-based perspectives to help law enforcement officials make better-informed decisions about running their agencies and best apply strategies and tactics.

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Everything that police do in these types of situations should be aimed at de-escalation, and that is a really, really stunning example of escalation. You cannot be shooting projectiles at human beings, unless you have a really good reason to do so.

— Edward Maguire, The Washington Post