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Edward Kavazanjian

Ed Kavazanjian is a leading expert on geotechnical engineering for civil infrastructure systems.Kavazanjian is the lead author of guidance documents for the Federal Highway Administration on seismic analysis of geotechnical transportation facilities and structural foundations and for the Environmental Protection Agency on seismic design of municipal solid waste landfill facilities.

Kavazanjian is the lead author of the Federal Highway Administration’s guidance document for seismic analysis, geotechnic transportation facilities and structural foundations.

He is an ASU Regent’s Professor and National Academy of Engineering member and is pioneering the development of the emerging field of biogeotechnical engineering as director of the Center for Bio-mediated and Bio-inspired Geotechnics (CBGB), a National Science Foundation Engineering Research Center.

Kavazanjian is a Distinguished Member of the American Society of Civil Engineers and has served as president of the organization’s Geo-Institute. He has also been president of the U.S. Universities Council for Geotechnical Education and Research.

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Right now there are no cost-effective ways to remediate potentially liquefiable soil under and adjacent to existing buildings and infrastructure. That’s a big national and international problem. It’s one of the big things we want to make possible with the technologies we are developing at CBBG.

— Edward Kavazanjian, ASU Now