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Dustin Pardini is a national expert in firearm use and injury among young people and substance use. He also studies how young people develop anti-social behavior. He was the principal administrator of the Arizona Youth Survey, which measured substance use, gang involvement, bullying, violence, texting while driving and other risky behaviors among eighth, 10th and 12th-graders in Arizona. His research team helped design the survey. He's also researched violent youth who lack guilt, remorse and empathy, which led to new interventions to help these young people.

Pardini is an associate professor in the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice.

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I feel like our focus should be on reducing the general likelihood that a kid carries a gun and targeting that rather than trying to focus on mass shooters because it's too difficult to predict that behavior with any degree of accuracy.

— Dustin Pardini, ASU Now