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Clive Wynne studies dogs and the human-dog bond. He studies the evolution, development and dynamics of this bond. His specific focus for research is the behavior of dogs and their wild relatives. His most recent book, "Dog is Love: Why and How Your Dog Loves You," explores the unique characteristics of canines and their relationship to humans.

Among other topics, Wynne’s research group studies the ability of pet dogs to react adaptively to the behaviors of the people they live with; the deployment of applied behavior analytic techniques to the treatment of problem behaviors; the behaviors of shelter dogs that influence their chances of adoption into human homes; improved methods for training sniffer dogs; and the development of test banks for studying cognitive aging in pet dogs.

Clive Wynne is a Professor of Psychology, director of the Canine Science Collaboratory and co-author of the book "Animal Cognition: Evolution, Behavior and Cognition." His newest book is “Dog is Love.”

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The secret of dogs' success is their ability to make friends...Dogs really are all about love.

— Clive Wynne, Got a Minute