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Chris Herbst is an expert in early childhood education and child care policy. Herbst’s research seeks to understand the ways in which redistributive tax and transfer programs affect the well-being of economically disadvantaged families. Herbst’s projects have examined the impact of child care, welfare and tax policy on low-skilled women’s employment and health trajectories as well as on children’s early cognitive and behavioral development. 
Herbst is an associate professor in the School of Public Affairs and a faculty affiliate in the School of Social Work in the Watts College of Public Service and Community Solutions.
His research has received media attention from such outlets as the New York Times, Five Thirty Eight, NPR, Bloomberg and more.

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The pandemic has changed all of our views on child care, not just for basic family functioning, but for the economy. The pandemic recession really laid bare and exacerbated many of the problems that predated the recession.

— Chris Herbst, ASU News