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Antia Sanchez Botana

Antia Sanchez Botana is an expert in computational physics, nanoscience and material physics.

Sanchez Botana’s main quest is to find new materials that could lead to the next innovation wave. She is a theorist, using supercomputers as her canvas to help explore materials with new functions, then pairing up with leading experimentalists from around the world who can ultimately put those theories to the test.

The two main themes of Sanchez Botana’s research that may lead to the next big thing are superconductivity (a state of matter that has no electrical resistance) and multiferroics (the collective switching of any property in a material’s electrons).

She is an assistant professor for the Department of Physics where she works on topics ranging from superconductivity to magnetism, thermoelectricity, and confinement effects in nanostructures. She has been awarded the 2022 Sloan Research fellowship and prior to joining ASU, she was a postdoctoral fellow at the Argonne National Lab and at the University of California, Davis.

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Our work opens up future avenues in which chemical doping and artificial layering may be harnessed in concert to map out and optimize superconductivity.

— Antia Sanchez Botana, ASU News