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Daniel Rothenberg

School of Politics and Global Studies, Center on the Future of War
Expert in: Terrorism, Violence, Human rights, Cyber security
Media Relations Officer
Suzanne Wilson / suzanne.wilson.1@asu.edu

Elisa Bienenstock

Watts College of Public Service and Community Solutions, School of Public Affairs, Center for Organizational Research and Design, Institute for Social Science Research
Expert in: Social psychology, Sociology, Public policy analysis, National security, Trust, Social networks, Terrorism
Phone: (602) 496-0927
Media Relations Officer
Nikai Salcido / nikai.salcido@asu.edu

Erik Luna

Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law, School of Criminology and Criminal Justice
Expert in: Criminal justice, Constitutional law, Terrorism
Phone: (480) 965-2847
Media Relations Officer
Jimena Garrison / Jimena.Garrison@asu.edu