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ASUPD Launches Multi-Campus Effort to Locate Student in Need

August 26, 2022

After receiving a report of a student in need at an unknown location, ASUPD mobilized units from both Tempe and Downtown Phoenix campuses. Utilizing all available resources and means, ASUPD officers and aides were able to safely locate the individual, and transport them for treatment.

“A great job was done by all Tempe and Downtown [Phoenix] patrol officers,” ASU Police Sergeant Jennifer Bryner said. “Special recognition is deserved for Police Aide Ashley Brandstrom, who diligently researched Downtown and Midtown areas of Phoenix, and found the building we had units canvassing for.” 

Officers began pulling cell-phone data in an attempt to locate the student in need, and Police Aide Brandstrom began researching buildings throughout the area, looking for matches to brief descriptions found in a note the student left with their roommate.

“The initial report, the diligent search conducted by officers, and the application of modern technology all combined to help avert a potential tragedy,” ASU Police Chief Michael Thompson said. “We promote ‘if you see something, say something,’ and this is why. The reporting party noticed something amiss, immediately reached out for help, and we were able to get services to a person in need.”

The ASU Police Department would like to remind our students, staff and visitors of the many resources offered to the ASU community at eoss.asu.edu/dos/resources, and through the ASU LiveSafe app, which can be downloaded at LiveSafe.asu.edu.

Adam Wolfe

Police Information Officer
Beats: ASU Police Department