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  • School of Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning
  • Julie Ann Wrigley Global Institute of Sustainability

Nancy Selover's research focuses on urban heat island, microclimate, and evaporation.

Serving as the State Climatologist for Arizona, Selover educates groups across the state on climate topics including the urban heat island, monsoon, drought, extreme weather, climate change, and Arizona's climate. Selover works with state and city agencies, private businesses, researchers, and the public, providing climate data and information to assist these diverse groups.

Selover regularly teaches a meteorological instruments course at ASU. She also mentors K-12 teachers in a climate course carried out in conjunction with the American Meteorological Society.

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We’ve all gone back to our cars on hot days and have been barely able to touch the steering wheel. But imagine what that would be like to a child trapped in a car seat. And once you introduce a person into these hot cars, they are exhaling humidity into the air. When there is more humidity in the air, a person can’t cool down by sweating because sweat won’t evaporate as quickly.

— Nancy Selover, ASU Now