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  • Food deserts, demystified

    Food access in rural communities with Lauren Chenarides
    Food access in rural communities with Lauren Chenarides
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Lauren Chenarides is an expert in food policy and marketing, data analysis, and consumer demand. Her research focuses on understanding the barriers people face to access affordable, healthy foods and the consequences of poor food access.

Additionally, she examines how food retailers’ decisions might exacerbate or mitigate the hardships consumers face living in underserved areas. 

Lauren Chenarides is an assistant professor at the Morrison School of Agribusiness in the W. P. Carey School of Business.

Professor Chenarides is actively involved in scholarly associations, including the Agricultural and Applied Economics Association, American Economic Association, and Northeast Agricultural and Resource Economics Association.

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We hear from a celebrity that something is good or bad, and that shifts demand. If a supplier doesn’t meet that demand, they have the potential to lose profits.

— Lauren Chenarides, ASU Now